Effective, full-service marketing.

Our work draws from careful attention to human motivation, and is built on solid strategy, enhanced by collaboration, and communicated through original design.

We offer a spectrum of services to meet your specific needs, from strategy, design, and Web, to video, media, publishing, and social media.

We are seasoned professionals — there is no "B" team. We approach your project as driven entrepreneurs, because as former small business owners, marketers and managers, we understand. If you're looking for solutions for your communication and marketing challenges, we'd love to start a conversation.

What can EPS do for you?

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Not a specialty, but a discipline.

"Brand Development" turns out to be an expensive proposition where the promise of rocketing ROIs and unparalleled customer loyalty are never realized.

We consider branding to simply be the engaging expression of a cogent marketing strategy — Clear. Consistent. Memorable. Personable. Differentiating.

Our work sharpens brand presentation, and this focus is reflected in every Web page, ad, collateral piece, and video we produce.

Keep the color palette. Let's craft a new way to market your product.

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  • Custom-Published Magazine
  • Media
  • Business-to-Business Magazine Production

  • Make a good impression.

    Message, design, voice, positioning, branding, call-to-action — no matter how well crafted your latest versions of collateral, ads, and your website may be, an uncoordinated presentation will undermine your best efforts.

    EPS is proud of its portfolio spanning health care, higher education, travel, medical supplies, consumer goods, sports, publishing, and finance clients. By showing success across a variety of industries and projects, we offer a broad base of experience and an open mind to each client.

    If you're looking for a single-specialty agency (or one-trick pony, depending on who you ask), we may not the best fit for you. If you value an intelligent approach, demonstrated track record, and excuse-free accountability, we just may be the group you've been looking for.

    Open, motivated clients wanted.

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  • Brand Development
  • HealthMatter

  • Need leads? Need buyers?

    Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, Imgur, Tumblr...each one would have you convinced it was the next "have to be there" medium. In this forest of fluff and promises, EPS has not lost sight of the fundamental trees of good direct-response media.

    Starting with a menu of 30 media channels, we match media and craft campaigns to generate qualified leads and buyers at reasonable acquisition costs. Not based on the "next big thing," but on years of quiet success, refined by real data, and proven by measured results.

    Financial executives in Spain? Female grad students? DIY homeowners? 55+ international travelers? HR pros east of the Mississippi?

    Tell us what your target is.

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  • HealthMatter
  • Media
  • Media

  • You should be doing more, but...

    Experience tells us that a client's house file is the single most underdeveloped revenue source. While finding new media, creating new ads, revamping the logo and "going social" feel proactive and create a lot of important-looking activity, odds are that your best ROI is sitting untapped in your database.

    In less than 16 weeks, a well-planned, well-executed, flawlessly measured test campaign can determine if you too are in the majority. More times than not, an EPS campaign yields positive ROI and becomes a regular revenue "annuity" for our clients.

    One test can chart a new course.

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  • Print Campaign
  • Print Campaign
  • Print Campaign

  • Inside sales.

    Lapsed members and less-than-frequent buyers are not lost, but merely waiting for a swift online and offline kick in the...mailbox. Sales, cross-sell, referrals, and reactivations are all waiting to be mined from your house file. An initial campaign sets the baseline, and systematic testing provides the data to continually optimize and fine tune so every penny spent works.

    Upside? Success here reduces the pressure on new conversions, costly premium offers, and brand-degrading discounts.

    More upside? Success also minimizes the necessity for more untested and risky lead generation as the primary source of revenue growth.

    Integrated solutions that work.

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  • Direct Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Direct Marketing

  • Matchmaking Services.

    Not what you think. Sponsorship and partnership marketing connects your product with high-profile brands, compelling properties, and relevant events to make an instantly memorable impact — positioning your products to just the right audience at just the right time.

    Properties and brands work with EPS to leverage opportunities in the world of sports and entertainment, lifestyle and membership, to create a 360-degree integrated brand experience.

    • Property representation
    • Partnership development
    • Sponsorship consulting
    • Sponsorship sales
    • Corporate alliances
    • On-site management
    • Industry-targeted outreach


    Partnership and Sponsorship Advantages.

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  • Direct Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Direct Marketing

  • Beyond the expected strategy.

    EPS’ on-staff talent allows us to not only “think big” strategically, but gives us the means to deliver innovative campaigns. Because we value having a diversity of skills in-house, strategic development and creative expression often evolve in tandem, not one dictating the other.

    • Custom-published magazines and e-books
    • Custom-published content and premiums
    • Digital and mobile publications
    • Video for websites and landers
    • Exclusive-distribution and Web TV
    • Directed webinars
    • EPS’ kitchen studio
    • Onsite and offsite photography
    • Retouching, infographics, and animation


    Try a little "out of the box" marketing?

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